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Color Code for the win! ​

I got the idea of writing about this after I went to Plannercon San Francisco and saw some planners all colorful and organized. It was so good to see such perfection! I usually decorate my planner with stickers but never thought about color coding as a way to optimize and having an efficient shedule. 

First, five tips so you don't get overwhelmed color coding!  

1. Color code after you finish taking the notes — this will make note-taking or scheduling faster. 
2. Choose the right tools — pens, highlighters, pencils. All brands and styles you actually like to use! 
3. Be consistent — stick to a routine and make it easy to follow!
4. Limit your color palette — don’t choose too many colors or you will overwhelm yourself!
5. Colour Code the most important stuff! — If everything is highlighted/underlined, nothing will stand out. So always pick the most important information! 

Now onto colors + their meanings! 

I’d try and write out your schedule in the same color every time, like black or blue to remain consistent! 
Now to highlight, or underline certain areas in a specific color, you need to connect color to a feeling or task. 

I’ll go over the most popular colors to help you choose your main ones! 

REDS: This color is all about important connections, or big events! Place calls, appointments, and meetings in this color and they will stand out first! 

BLUES: Blues are all about calm and confidence, so place any self-care and time-out sections in your agenda in blue! 

YELLOWS: Yellows are happy, bright colors so if you have any upcoming projects that need to be completed or things you need to remember, highlight them in yellow so they are your happy reminder! 

GREENS: Green is all about the money! If you have invoices that need to be addressed, bills and budgeting should be done in this color. 

Here’s an example from a planner I saw on happinessishomemade.net. She does a great job color coding her planner.


Are you going to start color coding your planner or do you already have a method you like?

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